Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Mortensen Family Disneyland Vacation

We stayed at the Excalibur hotel to split up the long travel time. The girls were so excited to stay in a castle.
I ordered David a Cherry Coke at the bar in the casino. He had me take his picture. When I was about to snap it the lady bartender yelled out, "No, no you can't take a picture of a minor at the bar!" Awesome!
Thank heavens for DVD players
We woke up in Vegas and by the afternoon we were in Disneyland.
TomSawyer's Island
The one and only Mickey Mouse!
Lizzie's favorite princess, Jasmine.
We spent a couple of days at Sea World in San Diego.
We were not supposed to remove the starfish from the tide pool but ya know.
David's lucky day-steamed crab.
Pacific beach in San Diego.
The girls liked the beach as much as they did Disneyland.
Sun-bathing beauties!

We totally wore these little ones out every day.
California Adventure

London's favorite princess, Cinderella. We found her in a building with various animation activities. We got to talk to Crush the sea turtle from Nemo. He singled out London both times we went to see him to Lizzie's utter horror. We also went into a room were a Disney worker walked us through how to sketch a character. We drew Piglet and Daisey Duck. It was one of London's favorite things about our trip.
California Adventure Theme Park during the day (above) and at night (below).
We had a super fun trip and hope to go again soon!