Friday, September 11, 2009

Lizzie and Her Make-up!

If there is one thing that this little girl likes to do it's put on make-up! For the last few days it has been part of her daily routine. I just love these pictures. What a crack up!Little Diva!

Star Valley Trip with Dad and Gloria

Yep, that's my dad riding in the Tetons.

There is Gloria too. These guys were the best sports. They rode old mountain bikes that we found at David's grandparent's cabin.
We hiked to the big rock from String Lake. David always has to climb the girls to the top and scare the heck out of me. What will I do when they want to climb the Grand one day?

Here we are in front of the beautiful Tetons.

Me and the girls waded in String Lake.

London was lost in the story of The Little Mermaid the whole time. (She usually is in some other world. We're used to it.)

Depeche Mode Concert

David and I went to Depeche Mode with Alex, Robert, and Shawn in Salt Lake in August. We ate at this really yummy place called Pei Wei. They had lettuce wraps and honey chicken, Mongolian beef, etc. I highly recommend it. Oh, and the concert was good too.


Here is the wild crew. (Yeah, real wild!)

There they are in all their glory.

Summer Bee Stings!!! Ouch!!!

Boy the bees were mean this summer.

Here is a nice close-up of when the bee smacked me in the lip while I was riding my bike. My other two stings came on my bike as well. One came on the ankle and the other on my forehead. Blast those bees!