Friday, February 18, 2011


This winter we have been a little ski-bummish. I thought I'd share some of our fun adventures. The picture above is on the flying sofa at The Canyons. Six people fit on this speedy lift. The Canyons also had a new lift this year that featured a heated seat and an orange cover that pulled down over you to keep you toasty. The place is pure sweetness!

Here are David and Tyler . It was pretty entertaining to watch these guys and Brandon trying to sit on this thing. It was actually quite tricky.
And speaking of Tricky, here he is! Man it's hard to get a picture of Walter! I think he was annoyed that I sneaked this shoot.
Here is the whole clan (besides Walter who avoids the camera) Dusty, Kendra (who totally braved a freaky double blue run), Brandon, Tyler, David, and me.
Our family got season passes to Beaver Mountain. Someone had built this gigantic snowman that we passed on the way up to ski. We had to grab some pictures of it on the way back down.

Here's David and the girls catching snowflakes. It was a crazy snowy day. So much fun. This was taken at the top of Marge's Triple.
London doing her favorite thing at Beaver Mountain. She absolutely loves the Magic Carpet. She probably pretends she's Jasmine or something on the way up.
Lizzie, the smallest little thing on skis. She gets bored if she has to stop for two seconds. And she always yells at me to go faster.

This is the adventurer in the family. This is at Garden City Canyon. David went back country skiing with a couple of his friends.
Dude! It's Dusty and Kendra at Powder Mountain. We went there at the end of Christmas break with Kim, Tyler, Brandon, Dusty, and Kendra.
David found this beautiful view of the mountains at the end of the day at Powder Mountain.
I never thought I'd see this day, but I truly love skiing. Thanks to this persistent dude.
Dusty, Kim, and Kendra by the lodge at Powder. (Coooooool!)