Thursday, February 17, 2011

I anticipate holidays like crazy. The excitement to shower love on my family members sometimes overwhelms me. So I made these adorable aprons so that the girls could wear them to make treats for Valentine's Day.

On Saturday morning London insisted on making the ever so delicious cake pops. It is a fun and messy process! We were happy because they set up just in time to share some with Kim, Tyler, and Brandon (my sis and her kiddos) who called to let us know they were in town. We met for lunch at Chili's and had a wonderful time.

I am the primary chorister in our ward. I played a game with the kids where they had to put on gloves, pull a Hershey Kiss out of a jar with tongs, unwrap it with the gloves still on, and eat it before the kids got through the song we were practicing. It was good times. After church the girls and I finished up the baking with the required pink frosted heart sugar cookies.

Monday morning the girls woke up to presents on the end of their beds. I was in the shower when I heard joyous screeches, "Pillow pets!" Yes, Lizzie got the Valentine dog and London got the smiley frog. They are so soft and cuddly, I think I need one now.

Disclaimer: Don't read this next paragraph if you don't want to be sickened because of how spoiled my children are!

So, before I was even out of the shower the girls were asking when cupid was going to come with more presents! I'm an idiot! I totally forgot that cupid was supposed to come. I forgot to leave the door unlocked for him to get in. So he came and left the girls various items that one can also find at the dollar store while they were at school. He left clues around the house to lead them to find the surprise. In the middle of the hunt, David came home with a flower for each of us chicks.

Some time in the chaos of the afternoon David gave me a dozen roses and I gave him a lovely present. We ate heart shaped pizzas for dinner followed by a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. Yes, more presents! The girls were in pink and red heart heaven. Best quote of the day: Lizzie asked, "Mom, is Cupid a boy or a girl?" I informed her that he was a boy only to get a puzzled look and this comment, "I thought only girls could be angels." I said, "No Lizzie, there are boy angels too." She said, "No mom the boys are all the devils." See why I love holidays?